Access funding to help bring your idea to life.

Cambrian R&D helps you access funding, support, and skilled workers to facilitate research & development to help grow your business. Cambrian R&D is your catalyst for growth.

Growth is achieved across three parallels

Business growth made simple

Receive funding or resources you need to undertake a research and development project that otherwise may have been out of reach.

Professional growth made simple

Contribute to helping grow and develop the skills and training of students, while also benefitting from working with potential future employees.

Economic growth made simple

A Cambrian R&D project is a catalyst for business development. It can facilitate the introduction of new products or services, and will introduce you to skilled workers. Through these benefits, Cambrian R&D creates measurable results for the economy.

Access resources from programs and fields of study that are offered at Cambrian to fulfill your project.

Cambrian R&D has access to all facilities and more than 80 programs at Cambrian College. We have demonstrated expertise in fields such as:

Chemical Analysis
Business Services
Health Sciences
Environmental Science
Graphic Design & Arts
Welding / Fabrication
Data Analytics
Engineering Technology

How does it work?

Project teams are made up of skilled students and faculty across any combination of programs at Cambrian. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions:

  • Am I eligible?

    Contact us to see if you are eligible to work with Cambrian R&D at 705-566-8101 or info@cambrianr&

  • How do I access funds?

    Our team will work with you to identify how we can support the development of your product or solution. We’ll develop a project plan, apply for funding, and can even sign a non-disclosure agreement.

  • Who will I be working with?

    Expert faculty and qualified students are hired to support your project. This team may include members from multiple departments and programs, as tailored to your project needs.

  • Who owns the idea?

    At the end of the project, you’ll receive a final report, product, or solution – and you retain the intellectual property developed on the project.

Success Story

Cambrian R&D Helping to Make Face Shields During COVID-19 Crisis

Let’s bring your idea to life

Growth starts with a simple chat. Get in touch today to see how Cambrian R&D can help.