Cambrian R&D for students & faculty.

Cambrian R&D for Students

Cambrian R&D offers paid work opportunities for students in a variety of programs across the College. Available student positions will be posted on the Career Centre website (myCambrian portal); interested students are encouraged to check regularly for updated postings.

Here are some reasons why Cambrian R&D is a unique and fantastic opportunity to gain paid work experience.
  • You’ll acquire advanced technical and problem-solving skills

  • You’ll gain a competitive advantage

  • You can apply course content to real-life industry situations and problems

  • You’ll become more engaged and motivated within your field

  • You’ll gain paid work experience through part-time / summer employment and internships

Job opportunities for students are available through the Career Portal at myCambrian

David and Pierre Leduc -

“My favourite part of applied research is being able to work with industry partners on projects that will be used in the real world”

When local company Clickmox Solutions Inc. approached Cambrian R&D for an innovative solution to help them improve their 3D-scanning technology for underground mining cavities, David and Pierre seemed like the perfect fit.

Cambrian R&D for Faculty

Cambrian R&D seeks to work with interested faculty members across all programs at Cambrian College. Faculty members will benefit from the opportunity to mentor student researchers, support an industry or community partner with their expertise, and by continuing on a path of valuable personal and professional development.

Here are some reasons why Cambrian R&D is beneficial to you and your students.
  • You’ll remain current in your area of expertise with new tactical knowledge and skills

  • You can integrate research in the curriculum for up-to-date course content and instruction

  • You can observe current trends in your field

  • You can contribute to student success by helping them build valuable skills and enhancing their job-readiness

Rick Smith - Professor, Coordinator of the Heavy Equipment, Truck and Coach Programs

"Working with Cambrian R&D allows faculty to teach to the technology coming our way."

“It provides students with an opportunity to work on real-world problems facing real companies and better prepare them for the workforce upon graduation.”

Get involved!

Interested in applying your skills to future projects? Get in touch with our team to find out how you can get involved!