Helping you access funds to grow your business.

We’ve helped small and medium-sized businesses just like yours access thousands in funding to develop new projects and expand their business.

Cambrian R&D helps you access funding, support, and skilled workers to facilitate research & development to help grow your business. Cambrian R&D is your catalyst for growth.

How our projects work

Step 1


Develop a draft plan for taking your product/solution from idea to the marketplace. We’ll work with our expert faculty to build an official project plan for your idea. Don’t worry, we’ll sign a non-disclosure agreement to keep details private.

Step 2


We’ll write and submit a research grant proposal to the appropriate funding agency. Once funding is received, we’ll formalize an agreement among all parties.

Step 3


Expert faculty and qualified students will be hired to support your project. Cambrian College facilities and more than 80 programs are at your disposal to develop your product/solution.

Step 4

Completion & Reporting

At the end of the project, you’ll receive a final report, product, or solution – and you retain the intellectual property developed on the project. We’ll even take the lead on grant reporting requirements.

Let’s bring your idea to life

Growth starts with a simple chat. Get in touch today to see how Cambrian R&D can help.

With Cambrian R&D, you gain access to all of the facilities and more than 80 programs at Cambrian College.

We bring together professors and students to create multi-disciplinary solutions. Together, we’ll make a great team.

Established in 2009, Cambrian R&D is Cambrian College’s applied research and development division. Our mission is to create an environment of partnership, development and learning that will benefit our industry partners, students, faculty and our community.